CryoClear Pen Cryotherapy for Skin Tags - Age Spots 161-2001

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CryoClear Pen Cryotherapy for Skin Tags & Age Spots 161-2001

This item is RX required or ships to medical institutions only !

CryoClear® gently freezes dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin to treat age spots, sun spots and skin tags. CryoClear takes about 10 minutes to complete, is painless, and there is no downtime from your normal activities after the treatment. 90% of clients will see complete resolution after their first CryoClear treatment.
You can expect the treated area to turn darker for a few days and then see pink healthy tissue appear as your body heals the treated area. We encourage you to use a combination of a mineral-based sunscreen and other topicals that your Esthetician will recommend for the best outcome.

Generally small, stalk-like lesions without thickening at the base. Indication is skin colored or brown with slightly wrinkled surfaces.
Poorly circumscribed, pink to red, slightly scaly indication usually found on sun-exposed areas such as face, head, neck and back of the hands.

SOLA LENTIGO Liver or Age Spot

Sharply circumscribed, non-scaling indication with uniform brown color often found on sun-exposed areas on the face and back of the hands.

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