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Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner Perforated Tray 100-410-160

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Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner Perforated Tray 100-410-160 for 1800 Series

Bransonic accessories are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Bransonic baths. It is important that parts do not rest on the bottom of the bath, as it can inhibit the ultrasonic activity and possibly damage the unit. A variety of perforated trays, mesh baskets, beakers, and support racks give you the option of direct or indirect cleaning. All five models come with covers to allow the cleaning bath to heat up more quickly.

Direct Cleaning Method
- Suspends parts using a perforated tray, mesh basket, or a support rack.
- Permits sound waves to penetrate directly to the parts.

Indirect Cleaning Method
- Suspends parts using a solid tray, or beakers with a beaker cover.
- Ideal for cleaning small parts.
- Discarded soil cleans easily from a beaker or solid tray.
- Indirect method is ideal for sample preparation.

Perforated trays, solid insert trays, and wire mesh baskets have built-in handles specially designed to prevent accessories from touching the tank bottom.
- Support racks allow total volume of the tank to be used while keeping parts, fixtures, or containers about 1/2" above the tank bottom.
- Support racks also are useful as countertop drain racks, holding parts above the countertop surface.

For 1800 Series Ultrasonic Cleaner 1/2 Gallon

100-032-515 Tank Cover
100-410-170 Solid Tray
100-410-160 Perforated Tray
100-032-516 Beaker Cover (1-600ml)
100-916-333 Mesh Basket
CPN-916-039 Support Rack

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