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Armedica Quantum 400 Intersegmental Traction Table Q400

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Armedica Quantum 400 Intersegmental Traction Table Q400

*Please note we may ask to charge additional shipping on this item. This item ships via Truck. LTL shipments need to be calculated specifically the to the destination zip code. 

*Please note this is a custom made item and takes 3 weeks to manufacture and 5-7 days to deliver.

*Please note table does not come with the neck pillow. Knee bolster only

The Quantum 400/400H/400P is an electromechanical treatment table. It is designed to release muscle tension and deliver soothing massage.

1. Phlebitis
2. Fractures or suspected fractures
3. Common skin problems such as:
sunburn, bruises, boils or shingles may be irritated by the rollers
4. Patients with fused discs or implanted scoliosis rods
5. Osteoporosis

Use with caution on elderly patients
Use with caution on patients with acute pain
Not intended for use on patients weighing over 300 pounds

Positioning Patient on Table
1. Make sure the rollers are in the down position.
2. Have the patient remove any keys, wallets or other items from back pockets that may cause discomfort when rollers are in motion.
3. Assist patient onto the table with head at the roller end (above the Cervical – Thoracic – Lumbar position indicator) and feet over the foot cover apron.
4. Position patient on the table so that the sacrum is located at the end of the roller slot. Make sure the patient is centered on the table to allow the roller to track on both sides of the spine. Place the knee pillow under the patient’s knees and cervical roll under the cervical area.


25 W x 77 L x 24 H


  • Motorized elevation and vibration
  • Simple and easy-to-use controls
  • Remembers last treatment settings
  • Lockable settings to prevent tampering
  • Ultra-smooth nylon massage rollers
  • Adjustable roller massage pressure via LED display
  • Selectable vibration timer (0-30min)
  • Full spine or targeted treatment areas.
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Limited Warranty – Armedica Manufacturing Corporation warrants the Quantum 400/400H/400P Intersegmental roller traction table under normal and proper use as follows: 1. Roller travel motor, roller rotation motor and roller elevation motor replaced or repaired for a period of 5 years after purchase. Labor for installation of new or repaired motor is covered for 1 year. In the event non - Armedica Manufacturing Corporation technicians perform labor; cost of such labor must be approved by Armedica Manufacturing Corporation. 2. The three black plastic rollers are warranted for the life of the table. 3. All other parts, excluding vinyl are warranted for a period of 1 year after purchase. Warranty includes replacement or repair of parts and labor. In the event non - Armedica Manufacturing Corporation technicians perform labor; cost of such labor must be approved by Armedica Manufacturing Corporation. The purchaser agrees to pay for all labor and /or parts not covered under this warranty and to also pay for any expenses incurred during such repair. Representations and/or warranties made by any person, including dealers, previous owners or any person not an employed representative of Armedica Manufacturing Corporation which are inconsistent or in conflict with the terms of this warranty shall not be binding on Armedica Manufacturing Corporation. The use of this product is the responsibility of the prescribing health care provider. The diagnosis of the patient’s condition, the choice of the use of this product and the method of use is the responsibility of the practitioner and not Armedica Manufacturing Corporation. Armedica Manufacturing Corporation is an ISO 13485 registered facility.
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