Tuttnauer Automatic Sterilizer w/ Printer Autoclave Elara11

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Tuttnauer Automatic Sterilizer w/ Printer Autoclave Elara11

The Elara11 tabletop autoclave is a reliable and robust Class B sterilizer designed for the needs of Dental clinics, Medical clinics, and Veterinary clinics where autoclaving requires pre-post vacuum sterilization. For Class B performance, a built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre-vacuum air removal eliminates air pockets from all load types and maximizes efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load. The vacuum pump engages after the sterilization stage, for efficient post-vacuum drying.

The pre-vacuum cycle efficiently removes air, resulting in the full penetration of steam into wrapped, porous, and hollow loads. The post-vacuum drying phase ensures complete drying of wrapped porous loads and hollow instruments, so it guarantees that even the most difficult loads will reach Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). The Elara11 offers 4 FDA cleared sterilization programs and 2 test programs, which are the Vacuum Test and the Bowie Dick Test.

Elara11 Features

Innovative multi-color display
A bright LCD panel uses active multi-color display technology for easy reading, even from a distance
Indicates program icon and name, cycle parameters, temperature and pressure in the chamber
During the selected program each stage of the sterilization cycle is displayed with both an active color wheel and text
The color wheel and text change for each phase of the cycle
The wheel rotates to indicate activity through each part of the cycle
Remaining time displayed during Water Filling, Sterilization, and Drying phases Multiple languages
Consists of 3 keys, allowing the user to browse with ease through the sterilization programs and user directories
Clean & Waste Water Reservoirs
Reduces cleaning and maintenance on the machine and provides clean steam for every cycle
EZFill front water filling
Accessible front or top-water filling options
Waste reservoir continuous drain (rear located)
Eliminate the need to manually empty the waste reservoir
Closed-door drying and pre-vacuum air removal
A high volume vacuum pump provides optimum sterilization results and efficient closed door drying. Keeping the door closed throughout the dry cycle maintains sterility and ensures efficient drying. The High-Volume, vacuum pump is very efficient at removing moisture from instruments.
EZGlide self-locking door
Ergonomically friendly EZGlide door features smooth opening and closing with an automatic double safety locking mechanism. Slide the door closed with a gentle push to close and lock it.
Designed for continuous operation
The steam generator is continuously providing ample steam for the Elara 11. There is no waiting time between cycles.
Equipped with a conveniently located printer which documents a detailed history of each cycle
USB Port (located under printer door cover)
Store and transfer approximately 100 cycles of data
Network port (rear located)
For connection to a local network to provide remote monitoring of the system
Comprehensive warranty
two year parts and labor, ten-year chamber
316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with the electro-polish finish
A cycle will not start unless the door is properly locked
An automated double locking safety device prevents the door from opening while chamber is pressurized
Automatic safety shutoff prevents overheating of chamber and load
Two independent clean water level indicators: A digital alert and a visual indicator
The water level alarm indicates when the wastewater reservoir is full.
A visual indicator and audible alert will give notification that the cycle did not accurately complete.
Standards and Directives
USA Standards: ANSI/ AAMI ST55, ASME Sec. Vlll, UL 61010A-1, UL 61010A-2-041, FDA 510(K) Cleared, ISO 17665-1.The Quality System complies with ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008
Canada Standards: CRN, CSA
EU Standards: EN 13060:2004, EN 13445, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-041, EN 61010-2-040,EN 554 EN 61326 EN 61326.Complying with MDD 93/42, PED 97/23, RoHS & WEEE Directives
Remote PC Reporting Software (Optional)
Remote monitoring of multiple autoclaves from any PC on your local network in real-time
Automatic downloading of cycle history to your PC
Built-in memory capable of storing approximately 100 cycles of data
Easy management of each machines cycle history
Analysis of any cycle process using easy to understand graphs or table data
Generate PDFs from cycle analysis and print them for future reference.
R.PC.R can also analyze and store cycle history downloaded with a USB drive

Technical Specifications:
Chamber Dimensions - 11” x 19.8” (28cm x 50.4cm)
Chamber Volume - 7.5 gals (28.5L)
Overall Dimensions - 26” x 20.9” x 17.3" (66cm x 53cm x 44cm)
Cassette Capacity 4 Full and 4 Half Loaded Vertically
Tray Dimensions 16.3” x 6.7” x 5/8" (44.2cm x 17.3cm x 19cm)
Voltage and Frequency 230V - 50.60HzPower and Current2,300 Watts - 10 Amps

What does it come with ?

5 x trays
1 x Tray Holder
2 x Drain Hoses
1 x Power Cord
1 x Roll of Printer Paper
1 x Extra Door Gasket
2 x Extra Fuses
4 x Extra Outer Cabinet Screws
1 x Log Book
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Certificate of Compliance of Boiler Pressure Vessel
1 x Operators and Maintenance Manual
1 x Elara 11 Autoclave Quick Installation Guide
1 x Elara 11 Autoclave Operating Instructions

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